Awesome Animal Groups


Keeping People AND Pets Together!


Animals play an important role in our lives.

Based on numerous studies we know that animals give their guardians a sense of well being; promote nurturing and socialization; and help to improve cognition, trust, memory, self-esteem, problem solving, and concentration. They provide companionship, love, diversion and, for many, a reason to get up in the morning.

For disenfranchised animal guardians the additional expense of caring for their companion animals is a burden they are only able to bear at a great personal price. In order to provide for their cherished companions, particularly in emergency situations, they have sacrificed their own medicine, food and other essential needs. Once options have diminished, the greatest sacrifice occurs when this individual must part with their animal companion.

PAWS/LA is committed to creating solutions for disenfranchised animal guardians throughout Los Angeles County who are facing the physical and financial challenges of caring for their companion animals. To that end PAWS/LA provides a comprehensive package of essential animal care services both in and outside of the home — all at no charge.

Programs offered:

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