Emergency + Critical Care

When every second counts for your dog or cat, our Emergency Center is open for you and your pet 24/7, 365 days a year.

If your dog or cat becomes sick, or is injured during your veterinarian’s normal business hours, he/she should be your first choice for treatment. But pets, like people, seem to need medical attention in the middle of the night as often as they do during business hours. If this is the case, Animal Specialty Group is here, acting as an extension of your primary veterinarian, providing  24-hour emergency + critical care services after-hours when they are closed (nights, weekends & holidays).

Is it an emergency?

Perhaps your pet wasn’t bitten by a rattlesnake, but, if he/she is sick, hurts, or just doesn’t feel well, we recommend that they be evaluated by one of our qualified emergency veterinarians. Chances are we can make them (and you) feel better.

Please understand that, in the case of traumatic injury (such as in the case of a dog bite or being hit by a car), serious internal injury could have resulted that is not obvious, but needs immediate treatment. If there is any question, we recommend that you have your pet examined by a veterinarian.

Our Emergency + Critical Care team is in place to help you and your pet 24/7 (including holidays).

We put the “Care” in Critical Care

Not all emergencies (like lacerations) require “critical care,” but seriously ill pets truly need critical care. Similar to an ICU or a CCU in a human hospital, our veterinarians and critical care technicians keep close vigil over your pet. Whether your dog has parvo, your cat is having a diabetic crisis, or something else is seriously wrong, some pets require close monitoring until they are well enough to go home.

24/7 Emergency 02

Veterinarians refer patients to us for hospitalization and ICU care, because we have the staff and the equipment to care for these sickest of pets ‘round-the-clock. Our “criticalist,” Dr. Young, is board-certified in internal medicine and in emergency & critical care medicine, and he works closely with our emergency doctors to ensure your pet is getting the most appropriate, most tender care possible.

At Animal Specialty Group, “intensive” is an understatement.

Referring veterinarians can fill out our Critical Care Transfer Form online, or fax it to us, so that we have all of the information needed, such as the results of tests that have been done and medications given, to provide good continuity of care. We will continue the care plan already in place, as well as make any other diagnostic or therapeutic recommendations as the situation demands. One of the benefits of having a Critical Care Unit inside a large referral hospital is the access to the latest equipment, and specialists from several disciplines, working together to ensure the best possible outcome.

Click here for 24/7 Emergency information

24/7 Emergency 03

Animal Specialty Group

Los Angeles Veterinary Animal Hospital & 24 Hour Animal Emergency

Tel: (818) 937-1121
Fax: (818) 507-9418

4641 Colorado Boulevard,
Los Angeles, California, 90039

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