Free Service Dog Registration


The Official Service Dog Registry is the answer to ending the frustration you feel as a person who relies on the comfort, support and therapeutic value of your beloved animal.  More than just a pet, we understand that your trusted canine companion is a key part of your life.  Officially qualify and register now – serve notice that the support your dog provides is essential to your quality of life.

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rules of conduct

We expect and hope that you will use this registry as intended and in a responsible and respectful manner. Registration is conducted under the honor system and we are not required to verify any disability or review any documentation to verify any disability, any individual found to abuse this registry will be expelled from the registry.  The registry is not intended to be a certification process and we do not judge the proficiency of our registrants in any way, and nor would that be necessary under the law. Of course, we recognize that under the law you are allowed to train your own animal and we can not be responsible or liable for the actions of dog owners or their dogs either online or offline.


Instant Registration Form USA & Canada

In order to register your service dog,emotional support dog therapy dog or medical alert dog with this registry you will first need to complete the form below and obtain your OSDR#. OSDR # identifies your dog as being registered with this registry. All information entered below is used for registration purposes only and to issue you a unique OSDR registration number specifically for your dog. Upon completion you will be instantly issued your OSDR # which is valid in all 50 States and Canada. PLEASE WRITE IT DOWN. (a copy will also be sent to the email you provide) Products and documentation (even instant documentation) are available for purchase once registration is complete.

We Welcome Both Trained Dogs And All Dogs In Training

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