Dog as workout partner

Many people get home from work in need of a trip to the gym or an exercise class. But the list of excuses is myriad, starting with that most precious commodity, time. Factor in a dog — in my case, a rambunctious terrier mix named Beanie — and it’s likely that all thoughts of a workout vanish.

That’s why, on a recent evening, Beanie and I hit the Zoom Room, a studio on La Brea Avenue in Hollywood that offers workout classes (four for $120, 10 for $265) for dogs and their people. Together.

There were seven dogs in our cross-training class. Jaime Van Wye, who started the business and has trained police and bomb squad dogs as well as dogs that work with autistic children, was our teacher.

The dogs are expected to have basic manners: They need to refrain from barking through the class and must be able to sit or lie down on command. Van Wye, whose leggings were covered in dog hairs, taught Beanie in a few minutes another basic task: to touch a palm with her nose when instructed to do so. The reward for good behavior? Dog treats.

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