Chanuka (woof) Treats

Bake homemade Chanukah dog treats and never go empty handed to a Chanukah party again! Bring a batch of homemade dog treats and the dog will be glad you came!

Take a bag of homemade dog biscuit mix and press out Chanukah related shapes, such as you will get with these Chanukah cookie cutters:

When the biscuits are cool, mix up royal icing for dogs in blue and white which are the traditional colors for Chanukah.

Dip the biscuits in the royal icing, drizzle it over, or “paint” it on. You must use a special yogurt royal icing for dogs. It will dry hard and smooth and will not crack. It will not melt because it has no fat in it. It dries smooth and shiny.

Here is a photo of homemade Chanukah treats for dogs using blue and white yogurt dog treat icing:

These dog biscuits were made using the mini dog bone silicone mold sold by No need to roll out dough and press cookies which can be time-consuming and needs a lot of effort. When finished, the silicone pan goes into the dishwasher!

While the kids are playing the dreidel game at the Chanukah celebration, challenge the adults to win Chanukah gelt. You can safely be the big spender here. Offer $20.00 to the first person who can use a lighter and melt the dog treat icing.

Hopefully you have used Fido’s Royal Icing for dogs. It will not melt, and you will not lose any money on the deal. Give the contestants a bag of chocolate coins for trying.

Let the icing dry completely. Then you will be able to stack the biscuits without worry that there will be indentations in the dog icing. It will dry smooth and people will want to touch it and run their fingers on it.

Questions about dog treat icing or dog treat frosting? Click: ASK their expert

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