Fall Season Tips

How To Keep Your Dog Safe This Fall

With the coming of Fall, both furry pets and their owners know changes are in the air. To help prepare for these changes, our premier dog daycare in Oakland center and Citizen Canine.net put together the below listed areas that pet owners should keep in mind for the safety and well-being of their pets.

Nature Walks-Beautiful Fall foliage creates wonderful times for walking your furry friend in the wild. Remembering that other undomesticated creatures are also taking walks in their natural habitat sets the stage for unpleasant encounters between your pet, a racoon or even a bear. Put your mind at ease by visiting our unique pet-friendly dog daycare in Oakland blending fun-filled days with exercise and mentally stimulating programs. Don’t worry, there will be no over-exertion or unwelcomed encounters with wild animals.

Holiday Traditions-Almost everyone looks toward exciting Fall traditions. However, a festive Christmas tree poses a temptation for many puppies. Improperly fitted Halloween costumes present another danger as many pets simply can’t move or breath adequately. If you do opt to dress up your pet, be certain to leave plenty of room for wiggling; moreover, don’t add to their disorientation by covering their eyes or snout.

Holiday Foods-The holidays of Fall mean new, rich and exciting foods for pet owners and pets alike. The only trouble is your pet cannot digest most of the food that may fall from the family dining table. At our dog daycare in Oakland facility, your pet’s welfare comes first as only the most nutritiously superior food finds its way into Fido’s tummy.

Travel Plans-If you plan a trip to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving, remember to take along several items that your furry companion recognizes and enjoys. His favorite water dish, food bowl, warm blanket and a snuggle toy will all help in making both his and your trip worthwhile. Also bearing in mind that your host may not be prepared for your visit with your pet, remember to constantly check for opened containers of anti-freeze, discarded mousetraps or anything else that poses a threat to your pet.


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