Fun Ways To Play!

Ah, fall is finally here. The air is crisp, nighttime arrives earlier, and the scent of wood-smoke hangs on every cool breeze. We are still slightly saddened by summer’s passing, but our dogs are ready to get outside and enjoy the more temperate weather! Aside from increasing your outdoor playtime, here are some awesome autumn activities for you and your furry friend:

Dog Hiking

Take Your Dog on a Hike!

The leaves are changing and the great outdoors has never looked so good! Treat your dog and yourself to a scenic hike on a pet-friendly trail and take in all the breathtaking views. Make sure that the trail you’d like to visit allows pets, and bring small plastic bags to clean up any waste. Try to stick to smooth terrain, and make sure that your dog is up to date on flea, tick, and heartworm medication. Remember these few rules and you are bound to have a great day!

Take Your Dog to Enjoy Fall Festivities!

Fall is filled with farmers’ markets, hayrides, and pumpkin picking. As long as dogs are welcome, take your pup along. The fresh air and friendly strangers are sure to get his tail wagging. You can also feed your dog cooked fresh pumpkin or canned natural pumpkin (unsweetened), both of which soothe the stomach!

Autumn Dog
Dog with Leaf

Take Your Dog Out to Play and do Yard Work!

The leaves will need raking and your dog will need walking, so combine the two! Bring your dog out with you to make yard work fun. Taking frequent breaks to throw a ball and play with your pup will spice things up and make the raking go by quickly. Your dog will love the crunchy leaves rustling, and you’ll have a reason to stop and rest.

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