Tailwaggers (woof Friendly)

Thank you for visiting Tailwaggers, your number one source for healthy supplies for dogs and cats. Tailwaggers first opened its doors back in 2003 in Hollywood, California and has continued to provide the community with healthy, natural pet care products that are consistent with a holistic approach to pet health. All of our products are carefully chosen based on the belief that our animal companions should be treated with the same respect and consideration for natural living that we give ourselves. All of the products offered for sale at Tailwaggers are made of natural ingredients and are of the highest quality. We do not offer products that contain substances that could be considered dangerous, carcinogenic, unhealthy, or harmful to the environment. Our goal here at Tailwaggers is to provide our customers with a shopping experience they can enjoy and products they can trust. You can feel good about buying supplies for your pets at our store, because we only sell natural products that I would feel good about giving to my own animal companions, Logan and Buddy.

Community activism is also a major part of Tailwaggers. The Tailwaggers name itself is an homage to the Tail-waggers Club which was created in 1915 in England as a charity designed for the advancement of dog welfare. The club acted as both a pet registry as well as a philanthropic community and quickly grew. In just over a year, the Club had more than 200,000 dog owners enrolled, and raised £20,000 to be donated to help the work of the Royal Veterinary College.
By1930, The Tailwaggers Club had almost a million dog members worldwide including the United States, Korea, New Zealand, Persia and Iraq. Each membership included a special collar medallion with the Club’s logo and motto “I help my pals.”


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