6 winter exercise tips for your dog

it’s cold outside, and the number of daylight hours is short, but your dog does not hibernate, and it’s important that your dog get daily exercise. Vital for a dog’s physical and mental wellness, exercise is also a crucial part of the relationship between Pack Leader—you—and dog. On those days when bad weather makes walks […]

10 No no Foods on Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is a time for families to get together, give thanks, eat wonderful food and then pass out in front of the TV watching football. It’s also a great time for clever dogs to sneak off with the trimmings. While tossing your dog a carrot or two, or even a piece of cooked turkey here and there, […]

Holiday Cheer!

Chaos tends to find it’s ways into festive family gatherings, but with these tips your can be cool and collected with at least one family member: the dog! 1. Give Treats, Not Scraps While it’s tempting to make your dog his own thanksgiving plate, it can be a danger. Many elements that make Thanksgiving dinners tasty […]

10 Healthy Homemade Dog Food

When I adopted my dog a few years ago, I kept feeding her the same commercial brand of dog food she had eaten at the kennel. A few months after, she started to develop heat rashes and dry skin. In a desperate attempt to get my poor girl to stop scratching, I started reading up on dog […]