Dogs Can Heal a Broken Heart

Even when you are having one of your worst days, you can look at the face of a puppy and suddenly feel all is right with the world again. Whether it’s a combination of those puppy dog eyes, the cute little ears and soft fur, or whether it reminds you of a dog you used to have, dogs and puppies make us feel better. One way they can make you feel better is when you are suffering through a broken heart.

Your dog will love you unconditionally – even when that jerk forgets to call or doesn’t reply to your text messages. A dog will reply to you with just the snap of a finger. Or even the opening of a bag of chips. See, when you have a broken heart, your dog loves to share in your misery – or more like the fruits of your misery. And what’s better than sharing a whole bag of potato chips or a dish of ice cream?

Your dog will also listen to you non-stop. You can cry your eyes out, pour your heart out…and they won’t walk away. They will listen and want to stay by you to hear even more! You can’t always say that about a guy! Your dog will sit, stand and lay by your side as that broken heart mends while you talk it out with each other.

More realistically, there have been scientific tests that prove petting a dog – or even a cat – can reduce your blood pressure and lower anxiety. A pet’s calming presence can help your health, so why not say they can heal a broken heart? Your puppy or your dog is probably even more reliable than your best friend! Your furry friend will always have time to listen, never has to run off to work or get in the shower. In no time, you’ll realize your heart is repaired all with the special help of your pooch.


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