What Your Dog Does to Make You Laugh

Whether it’s zoomies, talking, rolling, or other assorted chicanery, our dogs are always there to make us laugh. Thanks everyone for sharing.

The way she talks to me when she wants to go bye-bye cracks me up.

~ Sue Crane Bryan

Never fails when she “talks” back to me. I tell her no and she always has a rebuttal response for me.

~ Heidi Miller

The way my pit will grab his blanket and snuggle up inside it.

~ Matt Lueder

Our foster, Biscuit, shakes his head, “No!” when he doesn’t want to do what you’re telling him to do. It cracks us up every time.

~ Kimberly Wendt Riggs

My Marley will lean in really close with her nose almost touching your face and stares for a couple long seconds before giving you a huge smooch! Like she’s deep in thought.

~ Shannon Stevens

When Ray is playing he will plant his forehead on the ground then follow in a somersault with the rest of his body. It has become his signature move.

~ Debra Lockhart

My dog sneezes to get my attention! It’s hilarious!

~ Maddie Lamedica

My pit bull breed mix, Gary, likes to bark at us when he wants a spot on the couch and it’s full. It’s really funny!

~ Karen Detra

Milo makes me laugh at everything. When the day is bad, he’ll just pit bull-plank and make me laugh. Milo is a 24/7/365 joy!

~ Barbara McComsey

When Brew rolls in a good scent, a sleek fit dog suddenly looks like the fattest one in the park and for a minute he’s like a turtle stuck on its back.

~ Cage LaCapitan

Ever since my dog was little she has crawled on her belly when she really wants something. It’s precious!

~ Lauren Lesko Paytes

The way she “woohooo” and yodels and tap dances when I come home.

~ Renay Bell Peters

When Jack is a “drama king.” If he has had enough of whatever exercise we are working on he randomly flops over on his side, motionless with his tongue hanging out. Or he latches onto my leg or arm with his front feet and drags behind me.

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