Animal Spirit

The Healing Effect of Music on Animals
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It never ceases to amaze me to see how my dogs react to the healing power of music. Recently I was reviewing a CD called Reiki Meditations by Celeste, a Reiki practitioner from the South West of England, for the Reiki Digest. The background music consists of many overlays of Celeste’s voice, along with birdsong from her garden, and the sound of water. The result is magical. Hearing her music is a healing experience in itself, and my dogs sat with me, mesmerized, while I listened to it, meditated along with it, and then listened a final time to complete my notes. I’ve read that the sound of the human voice is the most healing of all music, followed closely by the harp. There’s something about the vibrations that resonate down to the cellular level, affecting heart rate, blood pressure and breathing.

The first CD I bought for my dogs was Spiritus, by Patrick Bernard. The CD was produced as a team effort with Bernard’s vocals and guitars, Purusha ananda on tambura and Eric Berglung on harp. It was inspired by Sharon Callahan (of Anaflora flower essence fame) and partner, Purusha ananda. Composed with the intention of “clearing past disharmony, opening new channels to the inflow of grace, restoring balance, and facilitating deep communion between all species”, it incorporates the healing vibrations that come from universal spirituality by combining the Vedic, Buddhist, and Christian Gregorian traditions. This CD puts my dogs into a relaxed state, so much so that I learned not to turn it on before I put them away for the day when I left for work, or they would refuse to budge from the living room where the CD player is, once the music started to play. (I also bought the accompanying spray made from essences, also called Spiritus to enhance their listening pleasure.)

I learned from Sharon’s book, Healing Animals Naturally with Flower Essences and Intuitive Listening that animals are quite partial to Brian Eno’s Ambient Music for Airports. Its effect on my dogs was also apparent on first listening. Researching it, I learned that Eno had composed the music, inspired by the concept of airports as places of departure where people spend time, sometimes anxious, sometimes bored- to be both unobtrusive and able to be listened to, and to be calming to listeners.

In all three of these examples, not only is it the vibratory quality of the music that is healing, but also the intentions of the artists that contribute to their impact. (Kind of like Reiki. 😉

Currently on my dogs’ playlist:

– ‘Spiritus’ by Patrick Bernard
– ‘Ambient Music for Airports’ by Brian Eno
– ‘Reiki Meditations’ by Celeste
– Theta Meditation System selections ‘Renewal’ and ‘Insight’ by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

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