PAWS LA Volunteer Opportunities





Deliver Pet Food to Homebound Clients

Volunteers visit our office to pick up pet food and deliver it to home bound clients. You must have a healthy back and be capable of lifting 20 lbs. or more. In addition, you must have a valid California license and current automobile insurance.

Staff the PAWS/LA Pet Food Bank

Come on down to our PAWS/LA Pet Food Bank in Downtown Los Angeles and help us distribute pet food and supplies to our clients.

Help in the Office

We need help with filing, data input; envelope stuffing and various other office related tasks.  Our office volunteer hours are from 10:00am to 1:00pm and from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.  Volunteers can sign up for a regular weekly shift or come in on an “as available” basis.

Participate in Fund Raising Events

Assist PAWS/LA by volunteering at special fund raising events. This type of volunteer work includes, but is not limited to, cashiering, bartending, supervising security, ticket taking, food service or supervising a volunteer station.

Be a Temporary Foster Parent

When one of our clients is hospitalized, we need foster care for their pets. This foster care can range from one to three weeks (short term), and up to three months (long term). Most often, we need fosters immediately. Any animal that is fostered is spayed/neutered. We also provide all food and treats.

Community Outreach

Represent PAWS/LA at various outreach events throughout Los Angeles County, such as health fairs, street festivals and pet adoption events.

Transport Animals to Vet Appointments

Volunteers are needed to pick up and deliver pets to veterinary appointments. You must have a valid California driver’s license and current liability insurance. This volunteer opportunity will usually require a round trip.

Walk a Dog

Occasionally a client will become to ill to walk his/her dog and will need help. Dog-walking assignments are given to volunteers who live in the immediate vicinity of the client. If no volunteer is available, we will find a volunteer as close as possible. This assignment is on an as needed basis.

Pick Up Donated Products

PAWS/LA will occasionally receive donations of pet food and other related items that need to picked up and brought to our warehouse. Let us know if you have a van, truck or SUV.

Connect PAWS/LA to Resources

Believe it or not, one extremely important volunteer opportunity exists for people with connections. Do you know a vet or a groomer or kennel that would provide us with free or low cost services? How about connections to pet food sources, flea products, toys, treats or collars and leashes? Perhaps you know people who might be interested in making financial donations to our organization. We can always use new sources for funding.

Get Started Now

For more info. contact Krystal Harris, Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator or 213.741.1950 x 116

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