Wags and Walks (their story)

Since 2012, Wags and Walks has saved over 550 dogs from high kill shelters in and around Los Angeles.  In 2014 Wags and Walks plans on saving over 400 dogs. 

Our Story

As the daughter of a vet, Wags and Walks founder Lesley Brog knows and loves her dogs! That’s why 10 years ago while volunteering at LA shelters, she was devastated by how many sweet and healthy dogs were being euthanized due to overcrowding.  

Lesley witnessed people dropping their dogs at shelters for a variety of reasons, but rarely was it through any fault of the dogs, and yet shelter dogs endure the unfair and unshakeable stigma that they are damaged goods. In 2009, Lesley mustered up the courage to leave her comfortable pharmaceutical sales job and vowed to make as big of a dent as she could in this misconception and resulting shelter overcrowding crisis.

Armed with dog-loving, intelligent, loyal volunteers who share Lesley’s can-do attitude, Wags and Walks has saved and successfully placed over 550 family friendly, healthy dogs.  

Brog credits much of Wags and Walks success to the groups’ core value of choosing good, family-friendly dogs based on temperament rather than breed. Every Wags and Walks dog has been through a thorough temperament evaluation—the most important of which is the ‘Lesley Test’ – “Wags and Walks dogs are those that I would feel 100 percent comfortable having in my own home with my three little girls and my own two dogs.” Not only is this a way to ensure successful adoptions, but also help spread the word that shelter dogs are the best dogs!

We drive hundreds of miles each week and spend hundreds of hours to save as many wonderful dogs as we can.  With your help, we can save so many more.

Please join us in committing to save as many lives as possible. Get involved.Adoptfoster, or donate. Together we can change the world, one dog at a time…

Lesley Brog with her rescue dogs french bulldog, Gus, and staffordshire terrier, Izzy.  (marysirianiphotography.com)

Lesley Brog with her rescue dogs french bulldog, Gus, and staffordshire terrier, Izzy.  (marysirianiphotography.com)



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