They Never Gave Up

The Amazing Story of How a Family Believes They Lured Their Missing Dog Out of the Wild After Two Years

Nearly two years ago, Nathan and Erin Braun’s golden retriever, Murphy, ran off in Tahoe National Forest in California. After months of searching, posting fliers and making a Facebook page for their lost dog, the couple knew they might never see her again but held onto hope.

Recently, they think they caught a big break when there was a sighting of a golden retriever within several miles of where Murphy was initially lost. When they couldn’t find the dog just by searching, the Brauns left Murphy’s bed and some of their clothes with campground officials. Soon afterward, a dog began sleeping on these items, eventually allowing park officials to coax her into a kennel.

The Brauns were reunited with this dog on Father’s Day, 20 months after Murphy was lost.

Murphy made it back to her owners after nearly two years. (Image source: Erin Braun/Facebook)

On Facebook, Erin Braun described the dog as being “thin and frail,” but on the road to recovery and “happy to be home with her family.” The couple was “shocked and amazed” that Murphy seemed to have survived that long in the park. 

Nathan Braun told KXTV-TV they’re 99 percent sure this dog is Murphy, but that they are having DNA tests done to confirm it, noticing some subtle differences.

The news station reported that someone spotted a similar looking dog a few weeks ago, prompting the Brauns to drive up with some of their items to leave out in the hope that it would attract Murphy.

“The very first night I laid it out I heard some movement,” Camp host Jason Smith told KXTV. “There was Murphy sleeping on the blanket. And right there I knew, that’s Murphy. That’s their dog. It was curled up with its head on the hat.”



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