Dog saves family from bear attack

– A family dog is being hailed a hero after she clashed with a full-grown black bear in cottage country earlier this week. Sandi Cross says 13-year-old “Sassy” likely saved her life early Tuesday morning outside the family cottage on Jessica Lake. “I truly believe that if Sassy hadn’t gone out when she did … […]

Surf Dog Helps the Young Smile Again

Ricochet the surf dog makes a splash… helping disabled youngsters to conquer the waves An incredible Golden Retriever has mastered more than just the doggy paddle – the golden brown pet helps disabled children learn how to surf. Ricochet was first trained as a guide dog but she was not well-suited to the role as […]

Dog Humor

I spilled spot remover on my dog… he’s gone now. Steven Wright (1955 – ) comedian, actor & writer   Dog: An intelligent four-footed animal who walks around with an idiot on the end of his leash. Anonymous   Heaven goes by favor; for if it went by merit, you would stay out and your […]

10 Reasons It’s Good to be a Dog

1. If it itches – you can scratch it – even in public  2. No one notices or cares if you have hair growing in some weird places as you get older  3. Personal Hygiene ain’t too bad – its not like you have to bathe everyday & somebody else combs your hair  4. Having […]


The American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards™ celebrate the powerful relationship between dogs and people.  These amazing dogs provide compassion and comfort to transform people’s lives with their unconditional love, devotion and intuition.  Hero Dogs are ordinary dogs doing extraordinary things. Here’s what the people who nominated them say makes each of these finalists a Hero […]

They Never Gave Up

The Amazing Story of How a Family Believes They Lured Their Missing Dog Out of the Wild After Two Years Nearly two years ago, Nathan and Erin Braun’s golden retriever, Murphy, ran off in Tahoe National Forest in California. After months of searching, posting fliers and making a Facebook page for their lost dog, the […]

Get a Dog or Other Pet to Fight Loneliness

The Dangers of Loneliness:  Remember how Tom Hanks treated a volleyball he named “Wilson” like a real person in the movie The Castaway? Nonhuman connections can be very powerful, says Nicholas Epley of the University of Chicago. His research shows that creating humanlike connections with inanimate objects or pets actually offsets some of the emotional damage […]