Boxer Rescue

Do you talk to your boxer(s)?       American Humane Association states: Almost half of the pet owners surveyed admit they sometimes talk to their pet. And 80% of those people stated that on those occasions, the animal seemed to respond by means of sounds, facial expressions, or body language. So reading this got […]

Dog Adoptions Save a Life!

Pooch Cafe by Paul Gilligan Dog Adoptions Dog Adoptions Save a Life!   Consider dog adoption centres if you are thinking of bringing a pet into your life or family. Not convinced whether adopting a dog from a rescue shelter is right for you?  There are many reasons to bring home a puppy from a […]

Dog Hero

A Different Kind of Hero In two deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, he saved lives in battle and paid a cost: canine PTSD. His career was over until one soldier took up the cause. By Sgt. Chloe Wells, Fayetteville, North Carolina As a behavioral health therapist at Fort Bragg, I deal with trauma. I see […]

Best Friends

Photo:Wikimedia Commons Related Topics: Pets, MNN lists Hachiko Hidesamuro Ueno brought his dog, Hachiko, to Tokyo in 1924, and every day when he left for his teaching job, Hachiko would stand by the door and watch him go. Then at 4 p.m. the Akita would arrive at Shibuya Station to meet his owner. A year […]

Devoted Dog

This famous Japanese dog was so devoted, he waited for his deceased owner for eleven years. It’s not only humans who are memorialized in statue. When University of Tokyo professor Hidesamuro Ueno first got his dog Hachiko in 1924, the Akita would send him off at the front door, and then patiently wait by the […]

Goodwill Dogs

Goodwill Assistance Dog Academy Good health, a good temperament and a desire to work are traits all of us would like to have. For service dogs, these traits are necessary. Goodwill Assistance Dog Academy is dedicated to training and placing assistance dogs. There’s a special bonds that develops between the dog and his owner. Mason […]

Rancho Adoption

What a difference a day made for Stephanie Twenty-four little hours Brought the sun and the flowers Where there used to be rain Lyrics by Stanley Adams It may have taken six months, not twenty-four hours, but Stephanie’s life is now full of sun and flowers. In January of this year, Stephanie found herself at […]