Many pet owners have good reason to designate their dogs as heroic. Some dogs are often noted for courageous acts of heroism. There are so many heartwarming stories out there, and it was hard to pick just a few, but here are my favorite 5 stories of hero dogs.

1. Eve

Many of us enjoy watching those movie scenes that have us sitting on the edge of our seats as someone escapes a burning pit just before it explodes, but in real life these situations are anything but enjoyable. In 1992, Kathi Vaughn, a paralyzed paraplegic, learned first-hand how horrifying this type of setting can be.

Kathi was driving along an interstate when her truck caught on fire. She pushed her rotweiller, Eve, out of the vehicle so she would be safe. However, the dog came back. Pulling her owner by the ankles, Eve managed to get Kathi out of the burning vehicle, dragging her to a nearby ditch just moments before the truck exploded.

Eve received the Stillman Award (for people and animals who risks their lives to save others), presented by the American Humane Association.

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