1,700 Pets Prevented From Entering The South LA Shelter

Downtown-Dog-Rescue-Los-Angeles-Shelter-DataFound Animals Foundation has generously funded the majority of the South LA shelter intervention program since we started in April. The program was considered a pilot project, with a goal to prevent 400 pets from entering the South LA shelter in 2013. As of October 31, we have far surpassed that modest goal. We have prevented more than 1,700 pets from entering the shelter.  The South LA shelter , when compared to the other five shelters, has a high intake and struggles to adopt out the wonderful pets that await their forever home. While efforts continue to increase adoptions, keeping pets out of the shelter is a big help in working towards our  goal of no kill for the South LA shelter community.

Exciting news, announced at a recent gala event hosted by Found Animals, the South LA shelter intervention program will be funded in 2014,  which translates to a $100,000 donation.  Think of how many families in need with pets will benefit from this generous donation! Think of the positive impact this donation will have on the community as a whole. When we can tell a family that they do not need to surrender their pet and that we have the funds to pay for a needed medical procedure or help them with dog training, pay license fees or something as simple as supply them with a monthly donation of dog food, we are providing a safety net and offering compassion to people who may otherwise not know where to turn. We have already seen how lives are changed when we can keep a family and their pet together. An example of this is Marlon, who is currently living in his car with his dog Toby., video created by Jeff Fleiss.

The South LA Shelter intervention program took about ten years to get off the ground and running full time. None of this would be possible without the support of Found Animals Foundation and the leadership from Aimee Gailbreath the executive director who believed in our vision and continues to support our work. Our goal in 2014 will be to prevent over 2000 pets from entering the South LA shelter.

We’d also love your support. Please consider donating to Downtown Dog Rescue. All donations go straight to the program. If you haven’t already, please follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter. You can also help by continuing to spread the word. Downtown Dog Rescue is a non-profit 501C3 (#46-1958507) tax deductible charity.

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