Seeing-eye dog sacrifices life to save owner, son

ATLANTA -A seeing-eye dog is being credited with saving the life of a local veteran and his 4-year-old son.David Furukawa, who is legally blind, was walking his son to school with the help of his canine helper, Simon, when a car allegedly ran a stop sign and into them.”Simon, somehow, managed to push my son out of the path of the car,” Furukawa said.Furukawa said that two bystanders took his son, William, to safety. He said that despite being badly injured, Simon hobbled after them to make sure the boy was safe.

“In spite of having a broken leg and a gash in his side and internal bleeding, he managed to hobble home to make sure that my son was OK because obviously, I’m sure the dog is thinking, ‘Who are these strangers taking my boy,'” Furukawa said.

Furukawa – who suffered a broken knee, elbow and foot — was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital. His son suffered cuts and bruises.

Simon was taken to an animal clinic, where the boxer later died.

Furukawa hopes others learn from his dog Simon’s death.

“Things like my guide dog being killed don’t happen again,” said Furukawa.

David said that Simon was more than his best friend – he was his hero.

“He sacrificed himself to make sure my son was OK,” he said. “His legacy will live on…forever.”

Police said the driver of the car will be charged in the incident.

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