Mike Minnick Bixby,ring in the New Year

Duo travel to Florida on bike

KEY WEST, Fla. -Mike Minnick and his dog, Bixby, made it their goal to ring in the New Year in Key West.They left Texas in May and then set down the coast starting from Maine and traveling the entire distance on a bicycle.Mike says it was so much fun, that he plans to do it again, next time using his travels to raise awareness for the Humane Society.

This was the first time in his life Mike ever tried to peddle long distance.

Below are a few photos from his adventures.

Mike & Bixby’s adventure on wheels

Man and his dog travel from Maine to Florida on a bike

Mike Minnick and his dog, Bixby, made it their goal to ring in the New Year in Key West!

Man and his dog 2

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Local 10’s Christina Vazquez met Mike while on a story in Miami Beach. She started chatting while her photographer was shooting video and thought he was a cool cat with an adorable dog with great adventures worth sharing with all of you!

Man and his dog 2Man and his dog 3Man and his dog 4Man and his dog 5
Man and his dog 6Man and his dog 7Man and his dog 8Man and his dog 11
Man and his dog 9Man and his dog 16Man and his dog 17Man and his dog 12
Man and his dog 13Man and his dog 10Man and his dog 14Man and his dog 15Man and his dog 19Man and his dog 20Man and his dog 21Man and his dog 23
Man and his dog 24Man and his dog 25Man and his dog 18Man and his dog 1
Man and his dog 26

More pictures and video at: https://www.facebook.com/wheres.bixby.3 andhttp://wheresbixby.com/

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