Ruff Patches Dog Rescue Group

Ruff Patches is a group that saves these amazing angels….

Thank you for supporting our mission of providing assistance to Los Angeles pet owners!

We partner with animal shelters to promote responsible pet adoption and provide support and information to pet owners having problems. Ruff Patches connects pet owners considering relinquishment of their pet to the resources they need to address their individual situations, with the goal of keeping the pet in his/her original home or, if necessary, finding a new appropriate placement. If all other options have been tried, we provide assistance with re-homing a pet.

We currently provide you with two safe methods of making donations online below, either Razoo and Paypal. Your donations are tax-deductible as allowed by the current tax law. Our tax ID number is 45-1034488.

Examples of what your donations pay for:

$ 10 Buy toys for one of our foster dogs or cats
$ 20 Provides a kennel run for a large dog for a day
$ 30 Vaccinate a dog or cat
$ 40 Microchip a dog or cat
$ 80 Spay or neuter a cat
$ 100 Spay or neuter a small dog
$ 150 Provides blood work for a dog or cat
$ 200 Spay or neuter for medium dog
$ 250 Spay or neuter for large dog

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