Photo of a Man and His Dog

A sweet moment between a man and his dog captured by a Wisconsin photographer hasFacebook users sharing —and resharing — a collective “awww” moment.

Hannah Stonehouse Hudson spent an afternoon snapping photographs of her friend John and his 19-year-old dog, Schoep. John rescued Schoep as a puppy and watched his health deteriorate as he reached doggy senior citizenship. Schoep now suffers from arthritis and John has found that taking a dip in the local lake helps ease the pooch’s pain.

Hudson posted one of the photographs she captured on Facebook and watched as the touching shot spread across the social network. In just a week, the photo has racked up 125,000 shares and 217,000 Likes.

Prints of the image are now available with proceeds going toward Schoep’s vet bills.

Image published with permission from Hannah Stonehouse Hudson

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