Feed them, don’t eat them! Animal rights activist Pamela Anderson gives turkeys a break during the holiday season

By Amelia Proud

As a tireless animal rights activist, Pamela Anderson couldn’t let the turkey stuffing of Thanksgiving pass without offering up an alternative. The 45-year-old beauty cannily decided to give wavering meat eaters the face of the dinner by posing with turkeys and pigs; and feeding them, even animals need a PA fee.

Oddly, she chose to feed the turkeys cranberries in an obvious twist on cranberry sauce and while she’s clearly attempting to subvert the classic dinner combination, she may succeed in making more people hungry.

Feed them, don't eat them: Pamela Anderson posed with turkeys to encourage vegetarianism during the holidays

Cranberry snack: Pamela Anderson posed with turkeys on Thursday to to encourage vegetarianism

The Baywatch babe recently returned to the water for a campaign to save the whales.

The actress posed for pictures on the SSS Brigitte Bardot last month in Marina Del Rey, California, and took part in a news conference promoting the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s 2012 campaign to defend the whales.


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