Vocal vegetarian Annie Lennox sings out for fierce feminism

From feminism to vegetarianism, singer Annie Lennox takes a strong stance. “If you’re wise, exercise all the fat off,” she sings sardonically in “Keep Young and Beautiful.” Get the inside story on her vegetarian diet in this article.

Annie became a vegetarian at age 29, according to the International Vegetarian Union. She feels that becoming a vegetarian has made her “feel more responsible. When I see people eating meat, I’m aware of the slaughter that’s gone on so instead of simply eating a meat pie when I’m hungry, I renounce it. From a Karmic way of looking at it -and I know people are going to think I’m a complete nutcase now – one incurs a great deal of very bad karma through eating meat.” Life Goes Strong magazine reports that, like Carrie Underwood, Annie lists animal rights as her main motivation to follow a meat-free diet.

To Read more click the link below….


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