Tall Tails and/or Science

The gift of these amazing people in the rescue community is beyond words that I can put pen to paper. I cannot thank them for the countless hours and hands on love given to each of these special beings…. Thank you!

Muck Creek Kennels

Interesting article in the Washington post today.

NPR has the same story here.

Wonder of wonders!  Researchers have discovered that the manner in which a dog wags his tail reveals something about his present emotional state!  They even drill down to the evidence that shows a “right wag” or a “left wag” can give clues about the dog’s intentions to attack or remain relaxed at the approach of another animal.

Personally, I would probably be looking at the other end of the dog, you know, the end with all the teeth?  That end usually gives the most accurate clues about the dog’s emotional state and intentions.

I really enjoyed the comment section just below the articles.  There are some funny folks out there!  As you can probably guess, the discussion quickly devolved into emotional condemnations of docked tails and other atrocities.  Meh… not so fun.  People really love to criticize…

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