Feed them, don’t eat them! Animal rights activist Pamela Anderson gives turkeys a break during the holiday season

By Amelia Proud As a tireless animal rights activist, Pamela Anderson couldn’t let the turkey stuffing of Thanksgiving pass without offering up an alternative. The 45-year-old beauty cannily decided to give wavering meat eaters the face of the dinner by posing with turkeys and pigs; and feeding them, even animals need a PA fee. Oddly, […]

With all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, much of the incredible animal advocacy work that our favorite celebs are getting involved in can easily be missed. Thankfully, some stars use their fame and fortune to go above and beyond for animals everywhere. 1. Joaquin Phoenix Joaquin Phoenix, courtesy of Wikipedia   We all love […]

Tall Tails and/or Science

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Interesting article in the Washington post today. NPR has the same story here. Wonder of wonders!  Researchers have discovered that the manner in which a dog wags his tail reveals something about his present emotional state!  They even drill down to the evidence that shows a “right wag” or…

WORLD VETS- International Aid For Animals

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WORLD VETS    Photo Credits- World Vet Facebook This organization, which is similar to Vets Without Borders, travels the world and provides international animal aid-veterinary assistance. This is a group that consists of veterinarians, animal health technicians and veterinary students. They have sent teams down to the…