Hello Miss Fiona!

Well Hello Fiona, well Hello Fiona… Its so nice to see you where you belong! Looking swell, snacking and full of mischief in her eyes…. Now this story made my day….

Little Brown Dog Blog

Last week I said that I had some big news, and finally I can share it: our family has grown by one. Meet Fiona!

Formerly known as Paisley, this little lady was recently returned to Marion when her owner could no longer keep her. Fiona is exactly one year and one month younger than Wally and at the moment is about 1.5 years old. Her destiny is to be Wally’s lady friend and the foundation bitch of my kennel, Audacious Border Terriers. No pressure, Fiona! 🙂 Currently she’s unfinished but I plan to start showing her next year.

As you may have guessed, this little girl loves her food. Unlike Wally, who is the only BT on the planet who is apathetic about food, Fiona will happily vacuum the floor with her face and steal food off the coffee table. This will take some getting used to, and we’re already…

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